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AITNA and Truffles

Truffles have always lived comfortably next to vines, and their scent can be found in Cognac’s array of aromas. Many truffle patches have been developed in the Charente, producing the prized Tuber Melanosporum, better known as Périgord black truffle.

AITNA and Truffles

The Périgord black truffle is also known as the "black diamond" of the culinary world. Growing truffles in this region requires specific conditions and techniques, as the truffle is a delicate and elusive fungus that grows underground in symbiosis with the roots of certain tree species, such as oaks and hazelnuts.

The Association Interprofessionnelle de la Trufficulture en Nouvelle Aquitaine (AITNA) is an organization that represents and promotes the truffle industry in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France and is based locally in Jarnac. The main objective of the AITNA is to support and develop the truffle sector by bringing together truffle growers, traders, researchers, and other stakeholders involved in the truffle industry.

AITNA supports the industry in many ways including:

Research and development
Training and Education
Promotion and Marketing
Advocacy and Representation

Throughout the truffle season over the winter a truffle market is held every Sunday in Jarnac.

Tel: 07 71 54 20 89

AITNA and Truffles
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